Yarrow Flower & Herb Powder

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Yarrow is a member of the aster family that is native to Europe and Asia. In North America, it’s a popular addition to perennial flower gardens. In fact, many people who admire yarrow are not aware that the plant is an herb.

The dried herb, and particularly the powder, is used in wound powders and poultices. The astringent and anti-inflammatory actions of the plant are due to sesquiterpene lactones and tannins. Yarrow also contains coumarins, a class of plant-derived antioxidant compounds.

Background: Its scientific name is given because of its association with Achilles, who was once thought to use it.

Description: Yarrow is a perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. The aerial parts are harvested when they're in flower in the summer.

Safety: May cause allergic reactions. Do not take essential oil unless supervised by a professional. Don't take if you are pregnant. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.